Bringing Your Message Across. International development cooperation generates mountains of text documents - reports, manuals, flip charts, templates, briefings, presentations, articles, blogs… At times it feels like the main output of our poverty reduction efforts is an avalanche of Word documents. But our fellow development professionals are busy with work to do, and the bulk of these painstakingly written and edited communications remain unread. The need for formal English and the heavy use of jargon do nothing to make communications more accessible to those who could benefit from them. Illustrations · draw the eye of a reader and make people more likely to pay attention to your text; · make your points easier to remember · can distil your key message and bring it across immediately; and · stimulate the audience to think. In presentations and discussions, an image serves as a good focal point. Referring to the same image, everyone has the same understanding of the issue at hand. Liven up your documents with cartoons and illustrations from Linda Lönnqvist - a development professional with an understanding of key messages, a knack for visual metaphors and the drawing skills for apt and unexpected images.